Pole is not out of the woods yet (vomiting again)

The vet said I could stop the daily Mirtazapine if Pole starts eating again. Mirtazapine acts as both an anti-vomiting medicine and an appetite stimulant. She says I could give Pole once in 3 days. Not daily.

This morning, I began giving Pole Coco&Joe’s mixed with Cindy’s mousse. No Mirtazapine today.

I was so happy that she ate it!

Here she is, eating Coco&Joe’s with Cindy’s mousse.

But, disaster struct after that. Pole started vomiting it all out. Twice. Later, I thought some probiotics would help, so I mixed it with some AD and forcefed her. This too was vomited out. Looks like she is not ready to eat Coco&Joe’s or AD (or maybe this can is more than 3 days old).

So, it’s back to taking a few steps backwards. After the vomiting, I gave her Mirtazapine again.

Then, Pole asked for food. This time I decided to play it safe, so it’s just Primal (broken up into powder form) mixed with Cindy’s mousse. This, given in small doses, she could tolerate without vomiting.

Pole kept asking for food every half an hour, so she got this combination and seems to be able to tolerate it. Well, at least she is still getting raw food, ie. Primal.

No vomiting since then.

She also isn’t squatting to strain anymore so I suppose the FIC (FLUTD) is taken care of for now. It was impossible trying to feed her the Cystaid Plus (which is a large capsule), so luckily the box said I could sprinkle it over food. I mix it with food and forcefeed her. There is no way she would take it willingly on her own. I think the taste isn’t too unpleasant as she does not reject it.

The Cindy’s mousse (both chicken and tuna) turned out to be extremely useful for this purpose. And Pole loves it too.  Nutrigel Plus helps as well as a reward after medication.

Baby steps…

It’s also back to daily subcut of 150ml.

Pole has the following medication/supplements. She just finished her Sucralfate today.

Transdermal Methimazole (for hyperthyroidism – very important, for life)
Transdermal Tramadol (for gastric pain – temporary)
Omeprazole (for gastric, long-term)

Transdermal Mirtazapine (for anti-vomiting, for appetite – temporary, hopefully)
Papain (tablet, anti-inflammatory, 20 days)
Cystaid Plus (capsule – to heal the bladder – 30 days)
Liquid Clavamox (antibiotic – 14 days only)

Amlodipine (high blood medication – very important, for life)

Transdermal Methimazole (permanent)
Transdermal Tramadol (temporary)
Papain (temporary)
Liquid Clavamox (temporary)

I know that’s a whole lot of medication and supplements. I’ve already stopped the Pronefra for now since her phosphate is on the low end. Have also stopped the fish oil for now, as advised by the vet.