Pole, Minnie and Smurfy’s updates

I definitely saw Pole urinating with my own eyes, at least twice today, so all is well.

Covering up her urine.

To my complete relief, Pole was willing to eat the Cystaid Plus sprinkles on her food. I didn’t expect this, so it is a real bonus. I hope she continues to eat it. That would save me one pilling and it’s a large capsule too. So the only pilling I have to do now is the Papain, twice a day, for a total of 10 days. It’s not easy. She spits out the tablet and I have to try again and again.

Pole is still eating Primal with Cindy’s mousse. But the Primal has to be broken up into powder. Otherwise, she won’t eat it.

Pole is still eating small amounts regularly. Sometimes every hourly.

Minnie and Smurfy, meanwhile are doing well. They are certainly eating very well. We carry them out for a few minutes too, but I dare not let them go. Minnie is still looking for a way to escape.

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