Minnie’s check-up (liver readings improved, but is pregnant)

Today was Minnie’s check-up.

I decided to take Smurfy along as company for Minnie. The two are so close it would worry one if the other was not around.

Minnie’s liver readings improved a lot. Her ALT was previously 394, then it went down to 329 after 3 days. And today, after a total of 10 days, it is 176! The normal range is 12-130 so we still have a bit more to go. But from the improvement, Legalon is working. The vet extended the Clavamox for other 4 days and Legalon (a liver supplement) for another 11 days.

Minnie and Smurfy were both dewormed. Smurfy was very well-behaved and the vet could easily pill him.

Minnie’s PCV is 31%, an improvement too. She is also less jaundiced today.

Then, an ultrasound was done. Her liver appeared normal.

The ultrasound also showed clearly, two foetuses. It’s confirmed. Minnie is pregnant. There could be more also, but from the ultrasound, only two were spotted. The vet estimates it at about 3 weeks, so it’s entering the second trimester. Cat gestation period is 66 days.

This corresponds to the night of yowling, as reported by the neighbour. That was a few days before I managed to entice Minnie into our porch to eat.

Previously, the Chief Guard told me she came from the house “down the road” and I’ve seen Minnie clutching at least 2 kittens up the road. I think one of them must have been Smurfy. Her other kittens probably didn’t make it….except for Smurfy.

Smurfy is a survivor. Clearly.

So, that’s it. I’ve already decided on Day One that if Minnie is pregnant, I will let her deliver her kittens safely. No more suffering on the street, Minnie. No more. Enough suffering for you, and your kittens.

I’ve even prepared names for the kittens.

Ramin (gender-neutral, in honour of the great operatic icon, Ramin Karimloo).
Andi (gender-neutral, in honour of Andrew Lloyd Webber).
Barry (male, or Berry if female, in honour of Barry Manilow).
Barbra (in honour of, who else, but the amazing Barbra Streisand).

I’d probably have to opt for the gender-neutral names since we won’t be able to tell the gender at birth unless it’s a Calico or tortoiseshell (confirmed female).

40 more days to go. Roughly.

The vet said to let Minnie eat a normal diet now and only increase the protein intake during the third trimester. This is so that the babies won’t be too big and difficult to deliver.

The last time I witnessed the birth of kittens was Pole’s and that was 13 years ago.

You’ll all be safe here. No more suffering on the street.

Will think of how to let them into the house to stretch a bit. Ginger has to accept them first.