Pole eats (!!) Coco&Joe’s again!

The miracle happened this morning!

Pole was her sprightly happy self and leapt around like a Kancil (mousedeer).

Without the need to transition again, I gave her a scoop of Coco&Joe’s and she started eating it!

But after a few minutes, she suddenly remembered she was given Cindy’s mousse for the past few days so she asked for it. Pole has these Dory moments all the time.

So yes, I added some Cindy’s mousse to her Coco&Joe’s. She finished it all and since 6am until now, there has been no vomiting.

Going for the can of Cindy’s mousse.

And everyone else wanted some too.

Let’s hope everything will be okay now.

Brother Cow looking on.

Pole’s treatment regimen for now:

Omeprazole (for gastric and kidneys, long-term) – before food
Transdermal Mirtazapine (for anti-vomiting, for appetite – temporary, once in 3 days)
Transdermal Methimazole (for hyperthyroidism – very important, for life)
Papain (tablet, anti-inflammatory, temporary, 20 days)
Liquid Clavamox (antibiotic – temporary, 14 days only)

Transdermal Tramadol (for gastric pain – temporary)
Cystaid Plus (capsule – to heal the bladder – 30 days, temporary)

Amlodipine (high blood medication – very important, for life)

Transdermal Methimazole (permanent)
Transdermal Tramadol (temporary)
Papain (temporary)
Liquid Clavamox (temporary)

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