Tabs, the nursemaid for Minnie and Smurfy

Tabs has taken it upon herself to accompany Minnie and Smurfy.

Tabs is also eyeing at the kibble that Minnie and Smurfy get. I only bought a small packet when I first started feeding Minnie as I wanted to gradually ease her into raw. But as it turned out, Minnie took to raw instantaneously! Anyway, I need to just finish off the kibble now.  It was just a 1.5kg pack.

But no, Tabs isn’t getting any kibble. However, I gave her a bit of Coco&Joe’s and guess what, she ate it!  Previously, Ginger, Heidi and Tabs won’t even touch it. Now Kiasu-Ginger eats a small bowl every time I feed Minnie and Smurfy (that’s purely out of kiasu-ness).

Tabs is eating it too now.

Tabs wants to look after Minnie and Smurfy!

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