Feeding Pole

I’m still adjusting and trying to read what Pole wants to eat.

This morning, she ate Coco&Joe’s, but she vomited it out after that. I don’t know what caused this, but since she has been able to tolerate Primal, I decided to just give her more of Primal first.

And I found that it works best if I sprinkle the Primal on top of a patch of Cindy’s mousse. This way, she eats everything up. If I were to mix the Primal with the Cindy’s mousse, she won’t finish everything.

I don’t know why, but if this works, this will be the way.

Also, because I was busy with the Minnie and Smurfy adventure for 3 hours, Pole had no in-between small meals during this time.

By lunch time, she must have been quite hungry so miraculously, she ate up all of the Cystaid Plus mixed with Cindy’s mousse – all of it!!

That was a bonus!

Licking up all of the Cystaid!!

Pole is still on daily subcut of 150ml.

The trick to feeding Pole, I noticed, is the element of surprise. If I give her something “new” and unexpected, she might just eat it all up. Today, I tried with half a can of Monge and yes, it worked.

The important thing now is just to get her to eat. So yes, I am opting for canned food, but only for now.  But Primal is her staple food for now – it is mixed with all her food.  That’s raw.  In between, I do give Cubgrub and Coco&Joe’s too.

Her favourite now is Primal sprinkles in Cindy’s mousse.

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