Gingertom visits and another stretching event for Minnie and Smurfy

Yesterday, Gingertom came all the way to the front of Stargate2. Our very own brave Ginger defended Stargate2. With some human help, Gingertom went away.

This afternoon, he was spotted along the ledge in Bunny’s Place. I think he is looking for Minnie.

Anyway, Minnie and Smurfy had another stretching event this afternoon.

Here we go, in Jia-Wen’s room!

I was with them all the way. It’s just too risky to leave Minnie alone in the room. She will surely find a loophole to escape…somehow.

Minnie went for the window.

It’s an OCD for her – to escape.

She knows about this stick. If the stick is removed, she knows she can slide open the window and get out.

It’s just a matter of time before she figures this out.

She would take a short break from her trials….

And try again.

Smurfy is still trying to figure out what the fountain is for.

He thinks it’s for flicking out water.


“That’s our world out there, Smurfy….”

Sigh….if this carries on after Minnie delivers, is spayed and her kittens have been weaned off, I would have to seriously consider if Minnie would be happier being released.  If she is really unhappy being confined, being the free spirit that she is, perhaps releasing her is an option (only after she is spayed).

But if she has no view of the outside, she is okay. She seems to be quite contented in the cage. It is only when she has a view of outside, she goes berserk and all OCD.

A short rest…

She just does not give up.

This time, I stuffed towels into the crevice and put a box in front of it to prevent Smurfy from using it as his stronghold. I won’t be tricked again!

Minnie started scratching at these cable ties. She has figured it out. She managed to push the mosquito netting by 2cm (that is all she can because of the cable ties). Our engineer here has figured out that if she “gets rid” of these cable ties, she will be able to slide upon the mosquito netting.

HOW smart is she?

After about 2 hours, I was more exhausted than the two of them. So I decided to take them back downstairs.

Minnie was in plain sight, sitting on the floor.


Where was Smurfy????

Oh no!!

I looked under the covers. He wasn’t there!!

I flipped the pillows, bolsters and the entire bedspread. Smurfy was NOT there!!

Oh oh…..

Then, I saw some movement in the pillow case….

See this?

He’s gone INSIDE the pillow case!!

Oh my goodness….Smurfy has his mother’s genes, that is for sure. Another little engineer and maybe even an illusionist!

I had to carry the whole pillow case (with pillow and kitten inside) downstairs to get him out and back into the cage!

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