Cleo’s fashion statement

It’s been three weeks since we started Cleo on the Dermoscent Essential 6 spot-on. It is supposed to help with the balding of her bottom half.

This condition has been there for more than 10 years now. Cleo bites off the hair on her bottom half. It’s either some kind of allergy or just an obsessive compulsive disorder on her part. I’m inclined to hypothesise that it is the latter.

I don’t think the Essential 6 is helping, though.

Why do you bite off your hair, Cleo?

Cleo: It’s a fashion statement. Nobody has it but me.

Well, when Tabs was living in Bunny’s Place, she also bit her fur and had bald patches, but since moving out of the room, Tabs doesn’t bite anymore.

So, it must be stress-related?

Who won’t be stressed living with the Cow Clan, right?

But wait….Cleo IS part of the Cow Clan, so….

Cleo: What “living with”? I rule in Bunny’s Place. I am the queen.

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