Smurfy’s “day out”

Minnie and Smurfy had their daily sunshine today.

Then, I secured this “last gap” on Stargate2.

I did this so that Smurfy can come out to play.
He is not OCD about escaping. Minnie is.

So, here is Smurfy!

Investigating the dustpan first…

Minnie was a little worried…

Ginger is sleeping.

Smurfy took his time to sniff at everything and went inside the carrier.

He kept to this section of the patio.

We lifted the covering so that Minnie could see where Smurfy is.

“Hello, Mummy, I am here…”

And Smurfy decided he had better get back into the cage!

Minnie gave Smurfy a few smacks and hisses after that. Guess she was either reprimanding him for “going out” or was she jealous that he could go out?

Ginger went to complain to Indy after that.

“There’s this new kid in my patio, Indy…what should I do?”

Next: Smurfy gets his own hanging basket!

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