Another great rescue (from Soi Chee)

My friend, Soi Chee, who used to be a dog-person, has now become quite the cat-person! Here is another rescue from her, or rather, from her domestic helper.

Soi Chee’s story:

Lately cats have been enteringĀ  into my life , no idea why and how …they keep coming to me. I rescued a few … one got trapped inside a vertical downpipe for 3 days …. we kept hearing meow meow ..meow for days but never knew the fella got trapped in the pipe. literally speaking , neighbour’s down pipe. very tough to get her out .
We had to climb a ladder , my maid is smart …she put iron netting into the pipe and the kitten could climb up and we had to squeeze our hands through the fence and get her out . after a few weeks , my student adopted her . show you how she looks now …

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