Pole’s eating dilemma

Pole has not been able to eat back her staple diet of Coco&Joe’s ever since she was diagnosed with gastritis.

She has been eating canned food with Primal sprinkles.

I still haven’t given up, though and I’m still trying all sorts of ways to transition her back to 100%, if that is possible.

So I got talking with my raw-feeding friend and he’s been trying to help me analyse Pole’s condition. He finally nailed it down to the digestive enzymes and probiotics that I had given to Pole. I did give Pole digestive enzymes thinking it might help, but on both occasions, she vomited. Then I tried Mercola’s probiotics once and she was able to retain it. The reason I opted for these two products is simply because Pole is still on antibiotics (liquid Clavamox, for her FLUTD) twice a day (morning and evening, so at noon, I tried giving her digestive enzymes and probiotics).

My raw-feeding friend says that there has been many cases where dogs and cats get a gas problem while being on a raw diet and given probiotics. Somehow, probiotics can cause gas in animals who are fed raw food. It must be some chemical reaction. So I told me to stop giving Pole probiotics. Yoghurt is fine, he said.

So I bought yoghurt and Pole only ate it once. After that, she did not want it anymore. Oh well, Ginger eats it.

My raw-feeding friend says that dogs and cats on raw food do not need probiotics. So, there was no need to give it to Pole too.

Pole also wanted egg yolk, but also only once.

I tried given a tiny bit of Cubgrub earlier, mixed with her canned+Primal, but she would eat everything and leave the Cubgrub. However, yesterday, she ate everything up, including the tiny bit of Cubgrub. Hmm….an improvement?

She ate up everything, including the Cubgrub, but it was only a very tiny bit.

Baby steps…

This morning, I was busy scooping Coco&Joe’s into everyone bowl, and decided at the spur of the moment to test if Pole might eat Coco&Joe’s. So I did not give her her usual “baby food” but left a bowl of Coco&Joe’s instead. Pole was hungry so, as you can see above, since I did not offer her baby food, after some deliberation, hunger won and Pole started eating the Coco&Joe’s. Well, I was so happy, and had high hopes that perhaps she would be able to to back to her raw diet again.

But that was not so….

After 45 minutes, Pole vomited it all out…again. The same thing has been happening every time she eats Coco&Joe’s after her gastritis.

I discussed this again with my raw-feeding friend (Mr Ang of Coco&Joe’s) and he opined that perhaps there is some reaction between raw food and one of Pole’s medication or supplements.

Now, let’s see…Pole is on Amlodipine, her high blood pressure medicine, but she was already on this earlier, before her gastritis, and she was eating her usual raw food then. There was no problem then. I also googled and it says that dogs and cats do not have much side effects from Amlodipine. It’s rare, it says. Rare, but possible, I suppose.

Then, Pole is still on liquid Clavamox for her FLUTD. Now, Google says nausea and stomach pain may be possible side effects.

Pole is also on Cystaid Plus for her bladder. But the ingredients for this sounds quite natural.

It could be any of these causing some reaction, but we narrowed it down to Clavamox. However, Pole had been on the same liquid Clavamox twice before in the past year. There were no problem with her raw diet then.

So perhaps Pole just wants to eat baby food?

I’m slowly increasing the amount of Primal in her baby food. More Primal than canned.

Indy to Cow: I want that baby food too. 

This is what happens when I add more Primal. Pole would lick up all the mousse (canned) and leave the Primal behind. Sigh… Perhaps I should just stick to what works: Canned food + Primal sprinkles. I noticed Pole likes the Primal sprinkles dry and not rehydrated. I rehydrated the above and she left them.

Indy polished it all up.

At least she has a full stomach now….of baby food.

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