Tabs joins Minnie and Smurfy for meals

For some strange reason, Tabs stopped eating at the kitchen and prefers to eat with Minnie and Smurfy out at the patio. It was an even bigger surprise that Tabs wanted Coco&Joe’s – she never touched it before, but just because Minnie and Smurfy are eating it, she just took to it, without any need for transtion!

Cats are….strange.

So Heidi and Ginger eat at the kitchen while Tabs joins Minnie and Smurfy for meals now!

Minnie and Smurfy are also more comfortable in their condo now. In fact, Smurfy doesn’t even want to come out anymore even when the door is wide open. At most, he would come out but quickly go back into the cage, straight into his favourite blue hanging basket!

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