Pole’s eating updates

Here we go again….

I have not given up.

This was a few days ago when Pole, on her own accord, ate Coco&Joe’s.

But after 45 minutes, she vomited it out.

So, since then, I have not let her eat any Coco&Joe’s. Instead, she is only given her baby food with Primal sprinkles and I sneak in Cubgrub. She could tolerate this combination. No vomiting.

But this morning, as I was busy with the rest, Pole, again, on her own accord, went to eat up some leftover Coco&Joe’s. I thought I’d let her. 

There was no vomiting incident! I was overjoyed.

Then, as usual, at mid-morning, she asked for food again. Pole eats many, many times a day. So I decided to offer her some Coco&Joe’s. She ate it up.

Heartily too.

But after awhile, she vomited again. Sigh…there goes all the efforts. So, for the rest of the day, it’s just baby food with Primal sprinkles again.

Pole will be going for her check-up this weekend.

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