Smurfy’s vaccination visit to the vet’s

Today is Smurfy’s second vaccination at the vet’s.

We took him together with Pole (due for check-up and blood test).

All is good for Smurfy. He got his second 4-in-1 vaccination and his second FeLV vaccination too. He was also dewormed and given Revolution spot-on.

Smurfy weighed 2.1kg. I think he might overtake Pole in no time (weight-wise, that is). It’s a 600g increase from a month ago.

The vet said Smurfy should be ready for neutering after all his vaccination schedule is completed.

This is the vaccination – it’s 4-in-1 plus FeLV.

Smurfy was REALLY good at the vet’s. He’s completely adorable. Here he is back home.

Telling Minnie all about his car ride.

Minnie did not show any concern that Smurfy was “taken away” for the trip. I guess that is good too. I hope it means Minnie trusts us.

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