Ginger’s visit to the vet’s

Ginger wasn’t eating as well as he usually is yesterday and by this morning, he was snorting and sneezing out cloudy mucus.

I nebulized him first before taking him to the vet’s with Pole.

Ginger could not eat his regular food today. I think it’s because his upper respiratory tract is all congested so it hampers his sense of smell. When a cat cannot smell, he will most likely not eat too. But when I gave him tuna, he ate a little.

Whenever Ginger is sick, he will go into his sick bay. In fact, this sick bay goes back 8-9 years when Ginger first came. He had a paw injury so he came from the street to ask for help by sitting inside this cage in our patio.

How smart, right?

The vet checked Ginger and his lungs “aren’t too bad”, but his upper respiratory tract is congested AGAIN. It’s been more than two months now. But being FIV+, Ginger is slow to recover. He has not really fully recovered – it would get better, then a relapse again, on and off.

I’ve been giving him Vetri DMG and Lysine too. He has also finished three courses of antibiotics in the last three months. Yet, the infection comes and goes, but does not totally “go” off.

So, Ginger was given a Bromhexine (mycolitic) injection to help clear the congestion. The vet decided to give him a stronger antibiotic this time, Azithromycin (daily for one week, then once every 3 days for two weeks).  Ginger will also be on the usual regimen of Bromhexine (mycolitic), Neulin (broncodilator) and Cetirizine (anti-histamines).

He should also be kept away from Smurfy as Smurfy just had his vaccination. Also, Ginger should stay away from the cold.

We came home and Ginger was able to eat his usual food. I had no problems at all giving him all his medication. Ginger is very obliging.

The vet also suggested that I increase his Lysine to 6 pieces a day for 3 days. That might help.

So, please stay inside, Ginger.

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