Pole’s updates

Pole seems fine now, though she is not back 100% yet.

No more crouching, she can stretch out now.

Then, something unexpected happened in the late afternoon. Pole asked for food and I decided to just offer her Coco&Joe’s.

She ate!!!

Believe it! She ate. This was at around 5.40pm.

I did not have to add anything to it too. In her normal days, I would have to add Primal sprinkles before she would eat. I think the trauma this morning has caused a “Dory” syndrome where she forgot she is boycotting Coco&Joe’s.

But she did not finish it. That is perfectly okay. Small amounts at frequent intervals is fine. But at least for once, after almost a month, it’s Coco&Joe’s neat.

Cleo finished it up.

She asked for food again at about 7.30pm. I offered the same, but she did not want any this time. Oh oh….I decided to be firm this time and left her alone. She went to lie down on the bed.

Then, she asked again at about 7.55pm. I offered Coco&Joe’s again.

She ate!!!

Let’s hope there will be no vomiting and that this can be a start to converting back to Coco&Joe’s, her staple food for years.