Smurfy’s updates

Smurfy had his vaccination yesterday. The vet had cautioned that he might feel a little down for two days, maybe even a bit feverish.

Well, yesterday evening, Smurfy was clearly a little down, but this morning, he’s back to his normal feisty and completely adorable self! He always greets me and gets really excited when I come out to the patio.

There are four baskets in their condo now.

Everyone’s favourite basket is the highest one!

These are some photos from previous days.

Smurfy in Jia-Wen’s room, to play.

It’s as though Smurfy knows we have plans to give him Ginger’s cage when Minnie delivers. The vet says Smurfy would have to be separated from Minnie when the kittens are born, so we were thinking of giving him Ginger’s cage. And of course, do a hanging basket for him in it too. He’s been visiting Ginger’s cage a lot whenever he comes out.

But hopefully by then, our contractor would have Minnie-proofed the patio and Smurfy can be free in the patio, but he would still need a cage to return because now, he treats the condo as his home.

Maybe we should buy another double-storeyed condo and prepare it for Minnie?

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