Pole’s updates after 1 day

Yesterday, Pole was eating Coco&Joe’s already. But by night time, she “suddenly” remembered that she was supposed to be boycotting Coco&Joe’s.

Still, I just offered her Coco&Joe’s whenever she asked for food throughout the night. She merely licked a little bit each time and the other cats would finish it for her. I finally relented for the last meal of the night and gave her AD which she ate up so happily and heartily.

Well, it’s a slow process, transitioning Pole back to 100% raw seeing how she has gastritis and cannot starve.

Little by little.

The good news so far is that she hasn’t vomited out Coco&Joe’s. So far… But then again, she is on daily Mirtazapine, which is an anti-v0miting and appetite stimulant.

Throughout today, I decided to surprise her at each meal by giving her something different each time.

This has worked so far.

Eating Coco&Joe’s.

I would surprise her in some meals where she gets AD or some tuna flakes with her raw food.

First thing this morning, I found Pole up here, so I think her spine is okay. At least it hasn’t got worse. In fact, I think it is much better.

There was no yelping when I press her back.

The only problem is that when she eats, the rest of the cats also come.

I hope the “seizure” was just a one-time episode.

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