Smurfy’s adventures

Smurfy gets to come out to play several times now, on a daily basis.

So far, he has not attempted to escape.

He just wants to play, play and play!

Yesterday, he became more interested in dashing out to play rather than to eat. He would just lick one-third of his food, then he would dash out to play.

Just like a playful human child.

Smurfy likes this corner and he also eats Heidi’s medicinal grass.

But he does try to jump up here.

He is too small to reach up to the StarGrille.

Minnie cannot be let out yet until our contractor fortifies StarGrille.

Ginger is keeping watch, but it looks like he accepts Smurfy now.

Smurfy wants to play with Ginger but Ginger isn’t really interested to play.

These are this morning’s playtime photos:

He eats the serai (lemongrass) and also the vegetables!

The only time Ginger has any issue with Smurfy is when Smurfy goes into Ginger’s cage.

That cage belongs to Ginger.

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