More of Smurfy’s adventures

Smurfy would rather play than eat!

Now, every morning, when I attempt to feed them, Smurfy would forgo his food and dash out to play.

Minnie, on the other hand, now, does not want to come out. Even with the door open and I take her out, she quickly goes back into the condo (for now).

Smurfy LOVES coming out to play.

Now, we are confident that Ginger will not hurt Smurfy. The two can actually play together.

Minnie’s wefies with me.

Smurfy can play till the sun goes down!

Smurfy climbing a tree.

Smurfy has so much energy that no one can keep up with him.

He tricks Tabs all the time because he is just too fast for Tabs!

Indy pushed his chair to the gate to keep an eye on the goings-on in the patio.

I hope Tabs will use her cat tree again now that I’ve cleaned it. Ginger sprayed on her tree…

Tabs just cannot keep track of Smurfy!

Ginger is out tired out.

Minnie will “call” Smurfy back after he has been out playing for too long.

He will only eat after he is done playing…for hours.

Heidi: I have no time with Smurfy. Just keep your distance from me (and this applies to everyone) and YOU will be safe.

Social distancing has always been Heidi’s rule of thumb. You come near, you get swiped.

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