Minnie-proofing is……DONE!!

But…I am not 100% confident that it is 100% Minnie-proof…yet.

Not until we try it out.

But I am so grateful that our contractor, Ah Keong, finally got the materials and he came with his assistant today.

You cannot see the clear polycarbonate sheets, but it’s already installed on top as an extension of StarGrille.

Fortifying Stargate2.

Throughout, Minnie was fast asleep, totally uninterested in the goings-on. This was EXACTLY Daffodil’s reaction when we fortified Stargate2. She took a look, then went upstairs to our bedroom to take a nap. The fortifying worked…then. But that was because Daffodil was small and shorter. Minnie has a long (cheetah-like) body and she is very young.

A metal piece is screwed at the base of the gate.

A metal grille is installed at the base of the fencing too. But I still put the rock there.

To be on the safe side, I added the rolled-up netting here, because it was where the fence meets the rocks that Daffodil burrowed a small gap and escaped last time.

I hope this works.


I swear Minnie and Smurfy can both read my mind. The last time, I just thought of this angle and Minnie immediately did it. After putting the polycarb, that solved the problem UNTIL I realised yesterday that Smurfy could go under it and still climb up since he is so small.

What do you think happened then?

He did exactly that!!!!

So, we asked Ah Keong to drill holes into this thick polycarb and tie it with metal wires to the fence now. There is no way Smurfy can sneak under it and climb…I think?


Minnie, please.

Truth be told, I am still so scared of letting Minnie go free in the patio. I think it’s because she is due to deliver in mid-June and if she escapes and delivers somewhere out there, the kittens will not stand a good chance of surviving. And, Gingertom might rape her again.

In her previous litter, only Smurfy survived.

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