Pole’s eating news

The good news now is that Pole can eat Coco&Joe’s again without vomiting, but it’s still not “neat”. It has to be mixed with some canned food. I think the need of mixing it because Pole is being picky.

However, she is still on daily Mirtazapine. It’s an anti-vomiting and appetite stimulant.

Coincidentally, her ability to eat Coco&Joe’s significantly improved on the day she finished her Cystaid Plus, so could it be this that was causing some nausea to the smell of raw meat? Or maybe it caused gas? Cystaid Plus consists of natural ingredients and it was for Pole’s FLUTD problem, to strength her bladder wall. She was on Cystaid Plus for 30 days and throughout this period, she simply could not eat Coco&Joe’s as it would cause her to vomit it all out.

One step at a time.

Pole’s review (check-up) is this weekend.

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