2 kittens for adoption (Suzanne Ngiow’s) – adopted!

Update: Adopted!!

The original post:
If you are able to give these kittens a home, please contact Suzanne Ngiow directly at <removed>.  Thank you.

From Suzanne:

I recently rescued 2 kittens during MCO and due to the condition, I didnt post and ask for anyone to adopt them. I am keeping them temporary, once MCO lifted, I would not have capacity to keep them as i will be away from home most of the time due to my work nature. I would like to help them to look for 1 or 2 kind and loving owners. However, it will be great if the asker could  adopt both of them together since they are siblings and have been living together since then.
Here are some details of them:
Relationship: Siblings
Gender: Male
Personality: affection, active, loving and trusting
Vaccine: One with 2nd and another one with 1st (was adopted by someone recently but was returned after 2 weeks. They din bring him for vaccine, so missed out the 1st one) .  I dont mind to sponsor and wish to follow up with their full 3 vaccine if the adopter is having challenges to absorb it
Remark: Possibly with a mixed breed of Siamese hence they are pretty vocal and their affectionate nature will require lots of attention. I personally find that owners that have more time at home that currently or previously own a cat (passed away) would be a better adopter
Would you mind to help me with this?
Attached their photos in the email for your copy. 
Let me know if you need more info. Thank you.
Suzanne Ngiow

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