By George! It works!!!!! (Cindy&Friends’ Anti-Marking Cleaner)

Those of you who have been following this blog for years or more than a decade now would know that our super alpha males spray urine (mark).

I’ve tried various products over the years but so far, none have worked.

About 4 weeks ago, I found out that Ecopet actually has an anti-marking spray! So I tried it (thinking that it might not work…again, just as all the previous products I have tried before this), but what do you know…..

It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so excited and was going to publish about this the next day, but decided I should wait for a few more days to see if it “still” works.  After all, our male cats are incorrigible when it comes to spraying.

Previously, a friend recommended another spray which I did try, and although it did wonders for her cat and stopped her cat from spraying, it did nothing for mine!

Anyway, it’s been FOUR weeks now, and Cindy&Friends Anti-Making Cleaner STILL works!!!!

Here’s how I used it: The first day, I used it three times a day. I was absolutely amazed because everyone actually stopped spraying. Let me tell you that this has NOT happened before…ever.

The next day, I was lax and did not use it three times, so once it wore off, they started spraying again.

Subsequently, I made sure I used it three times daily, and it continued to work.

However, the cats, especially Indy, started looking for other places to spray on since the Cleaner was already doing its job at their usual favourite spray-spots.

Well, it’s been four weeks now and it is IS working. I don’t even have to use it 3 times a day now. Just once a day – it works!

Anti-marking Cleaner Spray (RM19.70) and Stain and Odour Cleaner Spray (RM17.90)

I decided to try both, but you actually only need the orange one. That’s the wonder spray.

If anyone is interested, we are selling all of Cindy&Friends’ cleaning products for fundraising too.

Please see here for more details:

Thank you!

It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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