Minnie’s trip out!

Under fully-armed surveillance, Minnie had her trip out today!

Smurfy kept asking her to play with him.

Minnie was more interested in exploring for a way to escape, of course.

She did many calculations and looked at this for quite long, but decided it wasn’t possible…for now.

Ginger played the shepherd.

Indy monitored from Bunny’s Garden.

Indy rounded up Bunny to help protect Bunny’s Place too.

Indy is not too happy with Minnie and Smurfy.

After one hour of exploration, Minnie finally settled down.

Soon, it was time to go back to the condo. It was easier catching Smurfy than Minnie!


Gingertom came by.

Our Ginger warded him off.

All safe and sound in the condo.

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