A scare (Cleo’s foaming mouth)

Yesterday, I had a scare of my life.

Cleo was foaming at the mouth. The foam was like a beard from her mouth right down to the ground.

I immediately recalled Bosco’s foaming that fateful afternoon so many years ago – it turned out to be poisoning. Sadly, Bosco could not be saved. Bosco was a community cat who was really close to me.

But what poison could Cleo have ingested? She’s totally confined in Bunny’s Place.

I wiped away the foaming and there was a little bit more after that.

I waited for a few minutes and offered food.

She ate the food.

Okay, that’s good.

No more foaming.

And there has been no more foaming since. Thank goodness!

I think it was a case of some toothache, perhaps.

She’s completely okay after that.

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