Minnie’s exploration (under strict scrutiny)

Under the strictest scrutiny, Minnie was let out today.

Today was for her to explore to her heart’s content with two purposes: (1) to see if there are anymore loopholes we did not foresee, and (2) to let her know that whatever loopholes she thinks she can use to get out, cannot be used.

I’m confident enough to do taiji while Minnie explores…haha. But I’m still keeping an eye on her.

On hand to help, is Shepherd Ginger.

I know Minnie wants to try this corner. But this corner, I’m very sure, is Minnie-proof. The thick polycarb should prevent her from scaling the fence. But we have to let her try so that she is satisfied.

Ginger tries to tell her that she cannot escape.

But she wants to try.

Daffodil and Pole don’t do this. They will watch from a distance, make their (engineering-based) calculations and then, do it or walk away. If they do it, it’s a 100% success. If they walk away, you can be sure they already know they cannot do it. They won’t be caught in any unsuccessful attempt.

Indy, on the other hand, operates differently. He will try….and he doesn’t mind failing. No shame in that, says Indy.

There she goes…

Hmm..as smart as Daffodil, she is using the knobs at the side. That’s what Daffodil used too.

Sorry for the loud news report in the background.

Okay, tried and failed. Puas hati? I hope so.

This corner, she wants to try too. Now, I am not 100% confident that this corner is Minnie-proof because of the vegetable pots. So, we should either move the pots away or do some reinforcement. I know what to do, though. I plan to do the vertical hanging polycarb here. We can do that ourselves.

But husband thinks what Ah Keong has done is good enough because the extended polycarb piece is soft. Minnie cannot get a foothold even if she could reach it.

I’m not so sure, though.

Resting first?

This part is reinforced with the vertical hanging polycarb which we did ourselves, so I’m not so worried about this part….unless Minnie uses that small gap…hmm.

I am worried about this corner, though. There is polycarb extended from the metal grille (you probably cannot see it since it’s transparent). But I’m still not so confident about this corner.

Still want to try?

The knobs at the side are too far apart, so this corner is okay.

That’s Smurfy dashing all over the place, happily playing.

Why do you want to go out so badly, Minnie? 

To sit inside the drain, I suppose.

Shepherd Ginger does his job.

Go back, Minnie. 

She wants to try. Go ahead, Minnie.

This Stargate2 is Daffodil-proof, FYI. I don’t think you can, Minnie, but you may try. Even if you reach the top, there’s a vertical thick plastic piece all the way up. There is no foothold for you to stand on as it’s too thin. Daffodil took one look at this and went upstairs to take a nap. She never tried at all.

Before the vertical thick plastic was installed, Daffodil demonstrated how easily she could climb, get to the top of the gate and do the tightrope walk easily to the ledge. It was a piece of cake for her. Here the classic video: https://myanimalcare.org/2017/05/04/daffodils-great-escape-exposed/ And Daffodil was 17 years old then.

Okay, puas hati? Told you you cannot, right?

Back safely in the condo cage now.

Smurfy had another trip out to play later in the afternoon. He’s not interested to escape anymore. He just wants to play.