Minnie explores again and Smurfy’s antelope jig

Minnie and Smurfy had a trip out again today.

While Smurfy dashed out to play, Minnie just stayed in the cage. But wait…

She did come out.

And appeared to be calm and collected and uninterested in escaping…

Until she decided to try again. So she went to the vegetable pots to try and scale the wall, but failed.

Okay, one down.

A cat doesn’t give up so easily.

I know this corner isn’t exactly Minnie-proof yet. Then, it dawned on me.

What fool I was!!

I’ve already devised this vertical polycarb to take care of the shelf in the middle portion of the patio. Now, why didn’t I just do the same throughout the entire length of the patio??

Gosh…how dumb of me! That would have Minnie-proofed it and would also have saved us so much money. We didn’t actually need Ah Keong to come. The vertical polycarb is DIY. We just needed to buy the polycarb (cut to the correct size) and fix it ourselves.

But never mind, I figured Ah Keong is coming back to fix Stargate (it’s all rusted) and we will ask him to take out the newly installed polycarb and just tie it as vertically hanging pieces. That would Minnie-proof it already.

You see, Minnie doesn’t even bother to try the middle portion where the shelf and sink are. That’s because we already had the vertically hanging polycarb in place much earlier (we fixed that ourselves).

Hah! That settles it. I called Ah Keong and he says he will come next week (let’s hope so).

So, Minnie tried, but failed. This is probably because she is pregnant now and not as agile. We’ll get this corner fixed with the vertical polycarb pieces hanging down.

Smurfy just totally wants to play.

I took a video of him playing with Ginger and but did save it. Ah, what a waste. Smurfy does this cutest Antelope Jig where he hops on all fours exactly like an antelope – that’s his invitation jig. He even invites me to play with him.

Smurfy is completely adorable.

And would you believe it, Minnie tried this corner as well? She already failed yesterday, but she decided to try again today…and failed. Still, if we get Ah Keong to take out the present slanted polycarb piece and retie them as vertically hanging pieces, that would do it.

I’m quite sure.

“Quite” being the operative word here.

Minnie seems to be done trying now.

She’s annoying Cow now.

Cow isn’t exactly friendly to Minnie.

Indy is acting as back-up for his “brother”.

Smurfy and Tabs were just spectators…from afar.

Shepherd Ginger is here now…to help?

Finally, both settled down.

They are safely back in the condo now.

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