Cow’s check-up at the vet’s (mouth ulcers)

Cow has been pawing on the right side of his mouth for what seemed a long time now. He does it a few times a day. He gets Orozyme daily but it does not seem to be helping with whatever problem he is having in his mouth.

So, together with Pole, Cow went to the vet’s today too.

Anyway, Cow’s last full bloodwork was at the end of March 2019, so a medical check-up is also due for him.

As it turns out, Cow has plague again on his teeth, and he also has ulcers. The vet says that if his bloodwork is normal, he might need another scaling again. But I’m not too keen on that since Cow is already 14 years old this year.

Blood was taken and I’m relieved that his bloodwork was as normal as it can be for a 14 year old FIV+ cat. His kidney and liver readings are all within the normal range. Only his globulin is slightly high but this is because he is FIV+.

So relieved!!

So, Cow, Bunny and Pole are siblings. Cow and Bunny are both FIV+ while Pole is not and yet Pole has the worst kidney problem. Go figure.

For Cow’s ulcer problem, he was given a course of Metronidazole (antibiotics), Afta Med gel for the ulcers and transdermal Tramadol for the pain. The vet says fish oil would help Cow too. We have Coatex.

Let’s hope this works and he does not need another scaling.

And I also have to brush Cow’s teeth. Oh oh….what with?

With gauze first, the vet said. If he allows it, there’s a toothpaste called CET.

Wish me luck, please.

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