Pole’s check-up (the numbers aren’t so good)

Today was Pole’s check-up at the vet’s.

The numbers aren’t so good.

In just two weeks, her creatinine has increased from 381 to 426. It looks like it’s on the rise despite the daily subcut. The vet says most likely, her kidneys are deteriorating.

Her urea went from 25.6 to 17.6 today, so that’s a small reduction, which is okay. But the more important reading is the creatinine.

Her phosphate also increased from her usual 1.51 to 1.72.

So, Avoderm is OUT for Pole. Absolutely no more Avoderm even though she loves it so much.

But because of her constant eating, Pole’s weight increased from 2.7kg to 2.97kg today, which is good news.

The vet says since we are already doing everything we can, the only change we can do now is the food. Avoderm is out and so are all other canned food (for normal cats). The vet highly recommends renal food for Pole.

Since we have done all that we can, I am agreeable to trying out renal food for Pole. So I bought an assorted variety of Hill’s KD, Hill’s KD with veges, Hill’s KD with tuna (one can each), RC’s Renal wetfood for cats and the clinic gave me two sample packs of RC Renal kibble.

Food change of a renal diet is the only option we have not explored so far because Bunny, Cleo and Indy are all doing well on raw food despite having chronic kidney disease. Indy is, well, we don’t really know whether Indy still has CKD or not, but he was already off subcut since last year. Bunny and Cleo are both doing okay with raw food and they only need subcut twice a week (their creatinine and urea readings were all within the normal range).

Pole is the only one who isn’t doing so well. Her kidneys are deteriorating though clinically, she seems alright.

But she has gained weight, so that is good. It’s just that we need to get the creatinine down.

We will try a food change and see how it goes in her next check-up. I will also put her back on Pronefra and see if it brings the phosphate level down.

Whatever it is, Avoderm is definitely not suitable for Pole.

Pole would have to learn to eat the new food.

I first tried the KD with veges. It was a “no” from Pole.

But when I added some RC Renal kibble, she ate heartily.

She did not finish it, though and Cleo happily ate it all up.

She had two such meals, but after about 2 hours….

Everything came out….sigh. Looks like she just swallowed the kibble whole.

Now, she would associate this taste with vomiting, so this is out for now.

Next try was RC renal wet food (pouch). The clinic only had the variety with tuna (I found out that there is a chicken based variety, but it is not available in Malaysia).

She ate this quite heartily, but also did not finish it.

We did subcut.

And Pole asked for food again, so I gave the same. She did not want any of it at first. It took some coaxing before she started eating. She likes the gravy and would just lick up all the gravy.

See? She licks up all the gravy, eats some pellets and leaves the rest.

I finally added some water and mashed up the pellets with a spoon but she did not want any of it.

Then, I added a little bit of AD and wow….she lapped up a lot of it.

And left some behind.

Pole has perfected the art of eating up only the bits that she likes.

Well, now, it’s all about getting her to eat renal wet food (I think kibble is out of the question since she swallows them whole and vomits them back out).

We will take it one day at a time. The consolation is that clinically, Pole appears to be alright. Life goes on happily for her. She doesn’t know about the numbers. Only we do.

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