A pep talk with Mr Cow Mau

Something happened to Cow yesterday and he got aggressive when I tried to feed him his medicine.

So, a pep talk was in order.

Cow is, in my opinion, our most sensitive cat. “Sensitive” as in being able to read minds and emotions accurately.

And he is also very sympathetic and empathetic despite his fierce exterior demeanour.

So, I talked to him and explained that he could try being as good as he was before this, when I feed him his meds.

The talk worked and he was okay again this morning.

Believe it or not, despite Cow being Cow, he has been easy to pill for a few years now. Previously, it was impossible to pill him.

But then again, previously, Cow had petty aggression and any petting more than 3 seconds would result in a trip to the doctor’s for a tetanus shot (for the human). But Cow has come a long, long way now. You can pet him for longer than 3 seconds and he is actually VERY easily to pill these days.

I can even trim his nails single-handedly.

By the way, there is a warning (cautionary note) on Cow Mau’s card at the clinic – “Biting cat”. Heidi has that on her card as well. Well, Heidi swipes more than bites.

The ones who are difficult to pill are Pole (not so hard now) and Cleo (still impossible). Minnie and Smurfy are easier.

He is okay during pilling today. Back to normal.

I’m also giving him curcumin (turmeric) and fish oil to help with the mouth ulcers.

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