Announcements (June 2020)

Here are some important announcements for June 2020, moving forward.

1  First, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to Ms Amy Lim of Subang Pet Products for allowing us to use her postbox as our mailing address for many years now. Subang Pet Products will only be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from now onwards and we will still be using this address as our mailing address but we need to emphasise again (for the umpteenth time) that we will not be accepting mails through any courier service or Poslaju that requires a signature of the recipient simply because the shop is now only open 3 days a week.

In the past we have repeatedly appealed to applicants not to use Poslaju or courier to mail their applications because we did not want to cause any hassle or extra work for Ms Amy to have to sign for our mails, but this fell on deaf ears to applicants who MUST use courier and Poslaju, mostly because they just had to post the applications late or at the last minute. We give everyone TWO weeks to post their application but for some people, they just simply must wait until the last minute to do it.

Well, no more now. If you still insist on posting by courier or Poslaju, the mail will be returned to you.  So, you might as well not do it and perhaps seek help from other sources.

You may use Pos Ekspres or FlexiPrepaid or even ordinary mail, if you trust PosMalaysia. You may hand-deliver your mail to our postbox, which many applicants do. You may use any method of post as long as it does not require the recipient to sign or acknowledge receipt.

2  Second, to applicants who are literate but refuse to read the policies, if you still submit non-compliant applications, I’m afraid I have no more time to go back and forth in emails guiding you on what to do.

The policies are very clear. Many non-literate people can get it right, so there is really no reason why the literate cannot. If you have no time to read policies or prepare what is required, then, I’m sorry but we cannot help you.

3  Please do not use whatsapp to communicate with me over AnimalCare applications (neutering/vaccination aid matters). All communication is through email. Your email is forwarded to our committee for their consideration and approval. The decision has never been mine alone. My phone number has NEVER been the contact for AnimalCare as far as applications are concerned.

4  To those who have my phone number because you are my friend, could I please appeal to you NOT to give out my phone number without my consent? Please ask before giving out anyone’s phone number or email address UNLESS the information has already been made public. In this case, my email address is public, so yes, you may share my email address freely.

We tried to use Unfortunately, that email address had many glitches, so it is no longer in use now.

5  We started our food aid last year because we had reserve funds, but these reserve funds are dwindling now, so our petfood donation to the 4 shelters (or 5, depending on request from the latest shelter) will be reduced as of this month. If there is any excess donations, these will still be channeled to petfood donation, but if there is none, the priority, as always, will still be given to our neutering aid. Even our vaccination aid was started because we had reserve funds.

So the priority of fund usage as of June 2020 will be as follows: (1) Neutering Aid for street animals, (2) Vaccination Aid for street animals. (3) Food Aid for the 4-5 shelters.

Last but not least, we wish to thank all friends and well-wishers for their support and generosity in cash, in kind, in person and in spirit for the past 11 years.

With your kindness, we have managed to help 10,831 street animals in neutering, 2349 street animals in medical aid and vaccination, 1175 rescued animals in rehoming and many, many more through our food aid and education.

Thank you so very much. We look forward to your continued support in the years to come!

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