Minnie and Smurfy’s trips out

Here are some photos of yesterday’s trip out for them.

Still eyeing at the outside.

Smurfy just wants to play, that is all. Put him anywhere, as long as he has something to play with.

Shepherd Ginger does his duty…dutifully.

What is this face saying?

I wouldn’t even attempt to go in there, Minnie, if I were you. That’s the lions’ den. The cats in there are super-alpha crazy people. It’s lawless cowboy territory in there.

Both Minnie and Smufy like the maternity ward.

Here are today’s photos.

Not crazy about dashing out anymore.

Minnie is still interested in the lions’ den.

Smurfy, as always, wants to play.

With so much online orders, we have lots of boxes to make playhouses for Smurfy.

Ginger is doing a great job!

P.S. Indy still has an unsettled score with Ginger.

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