Minnie issues warning to Ginger

This morning there was an incident at the patio.

I did not see it but my husband related it to me.

Smurfy and Ginger were in a playful brawl, but it was too close to Minnie.

Minnie turned around and swiped at Ginger with a fierce reprimand. Ginger was totally caught by surprise and he was so scared that he fled from the scene and ran off. Smurfy ran off too, in the opposite direction.

Then, Minnie sat, proudly, like a victorious lioness with head held high.

“Do not mess with me, or my son” was the message.

Ginger has also sometimes swiped at Smurfy and Minnie had been watching all this. I guess she decided to issue a warning today.

Poor Ginger, I’m sure he meant no harm.

“Do not mess with the Greys.”

Tabs is safe, she only touches nose every now and then, with the Greys.

Heidi also had a run-in with Smurfy today. Apparently, Heidi came out to the patio and started growling. Smurfy ran for his life.

Heidi’s rule is simply this, “stay away from me” (it’s all about social distancing for Heidi since long ago).

Ginger and Smurfy are playing in the playhouses.

These two are confirmed BFF’s now!

It’s really good that Ginger has someone to play with because he really needs the exercise!!

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