The new bed – whose is it?

I ordered a bed frame for Bunny’s Room and it finally arrived today (the story of the delivery is a long one and will be shared in my personal FB since it does not concern animals).

It came in parts and is very easy to assemble.

Guess who was the first to inspect it?

Checking for bombs first…any bomb under this new contraption?

From those legs under the bed – who do you think it is?

Hint: Who is always at the frontlines? Who is the one who takes it upon himself to take care of everyone else?

Yes, one of the Royal Guards.

It can’t be Indy because Indy is crazy.

Yes, it’s none other than Mr Cow Mau.

After ensuring there were no bombs under the bed, Cow checked the top and yes, there were no traps or bombs on it as well, so he decided it was safe to take a nap on it.

And it was only AFTER Cow had declared it safe that Queen Cleo Patra laid claim to the bed.

It’s mine. All mine. Anything placed at this spot…is mine. 

But Her Grace allows her mother to use it.

Cleo to Cow: I am pleased that there are no bombs on the bed. Thank you for your dedicated and selfless service. You shall be rewarded…one day. 

Indy: Hahaha…what bombs??



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