Neutering aid for 2 dogs in Seri Kembangan (Lai Sok Yieng’s)

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM300 for the neutering of these 2 dogs. Their vaccination claims are in the next post.

Updates on 4 previous dogs are below.

Baby A and Baby B
They were found together at my usual feeding place. I have sent their mum to neuter with the help of AnimalCare neuter aid (thanks so much for that). Even though I tried to rehome them but couldn’t find any suitable adopter. So they will stay with the mama dog and I’ll continue to feed them daily.
Previous claims
Please find attached latest photo of previous dogs and see below for a little update about them
Cucu – Her wound has fully recovered and she is happily staying with her packs now. Her puppy looks much alike her and I have book an appointment with vet to neuter her in June. I will continue to feed her and her puppy
Mama –  She was released back to her original spot. She has been eating more than usual and I believe this good appetite is a positive sign. She is even more friendly to me after neuter. I will continue to feed her daily.
Pepper – Pepper is back to her original spot. She used to be quite protective over her puppies but now she allowed me to touch them. I will be sending 2 of her puppies to neuter next week. Pepper’s wound recovered well and no complications. I will continue to feed her and her puppies
Gua Gua – I have checked her wound and released back to her original spot. Unfortunately she has been missing since few weeks ago, suspecting during the MCO period so I couldn’t take her photo. If she ever come back to where I usually feed her, I will continue to provide daily food.

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