A rehoming of a pet dog, Snoopy, who fears thunderstorms

I received an urgent request a few days ago from a lady. The issue is that her pet dog became very fearful of thunderstorms and would react rather “aggressively” by destroying her front door and the netting on it.

Her dog was acting out of fear, which isn’t uncommon in dogs and cats.

The main caregiver of her dog is her aged mother and the mother started hating the dog because of her “destructive nature” (during thunderstorms). So the mother insisted that this lady sends the dog away.

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Despite explanations, the mother would not have it any other way. The dog is actually the lady’s son’s pet and the son (still a child) loves the dog but does not look after her (a female dog, spayed, heartworm treated annually, vaccinations up to date). The dog was adopted from somewhere, for him, as he wanted a pet.

So, the mother insists that she sends the dog away. I asked if the dog could be let into the house to hide during thunderstorms but the mother would not allow it.

I knew it would not be good for the dog to remain in the house because the mother already hates her. Dog are very sensitive and can definitely read feelings, especially that of her main caregiver. The dog could also be acting out of frustration and sadness because she senses only hate from her caregiver now.

I contacted a shelter and it could take in Snoopy, but I knew Snoopy might need some rehabilitation and also lots of tender loving care. Also, do take note that pets who are sent from a home to a shelter do die of depression. Yes, they actually DIE of depression from being abandoned.

I also consulted Mun Mun for advice since he is very experienced with dogs and also particularly in handling the “most difficult” dogs (termed by others as “difficult” but with his loving care, the dogs do come around, the latest case being Rocky B).

So Mun Mun shared that he has these concrete hiding places for his dogs who are scared of thunderstorms. And yes, some dogs go absolutely crazy during thunderstorms, so you have to let them feel safe.

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Mun Mun says these concrete hiding places do the trick for his dogs who fear thunderstorms.

Tabs is afraid of thunderstorms as well. She has to hide in the storeroom. Cow is so afraid that he would forgo all meals during thunderstorms and hide behind the door. All you need is to let them hide in a “safe” place and sit out the thunderstorm. They just need a place to feel safe.

Finally, Mun Mun felt sorry for this lady and her dog so he says he will adopt the dog, Snoopy, and give him cbd treats from Pacific San Diego to help him during the thunderstorms and reduce his anxiety.

Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness, Mun Mun!

The lady, on her own free will, says she will give a monthly contribution to help with the upkeep of Snoopy and she will also take her children to visit Snoopy every now and then.

It’s rather sad that a beloved pet dog has to be rehomed because one family member decides and insists upon it. But I’m personally relieved that Snoopy will be under the loving care of Mun Mun.

Snoopy, You will be in a new home with many doggy-friends and a father who will care for you with unconditional loving kindness and compassion. No more hate – you do not deserve any hate just because you are fearful of thunderstorms. It is not your fault. Even humans fear many things and we will act out in fear.

No animal deserves any hate from any human.

Snoopy was delivered to Mun Mun’s sanctuary today. Here are some photos:

You will be loved, Snoopy!

Thank you very much, Mun Mun!







One response to “A rehoming of a pet dog, Snoopy, who fears thunderstorms”

  1. SY

    Thank you sister Kah Yein and Mun Mun for all your kindness, compassion and loves towards Snoopy! I feel sad in my heart sending Snoopy away but this is the best solution. Mun Mun told me Snoopy adapting quite good there and have good appetite, she ate big bowl of rice. I am happy to hear that and looking forward to visit Snoopy in the near future. ?