Drummmmmrollll…..Minnie’s kittens have arrived!!!

Guess how many and what colour?

I fed Minnie and Smurfy at 6am this morning. By 7am, we left for taiji in PJ.

We just arrived home and lifted up the curtains…


Four newborns!!  One jet back, three black with some grey!!

This means it wasn’t Gingertom who “raped” Minnie. It must have been a black tomcat?

Smurfy was looking on from another basket. He did not disturb them. What a good boy he is.

Definitely four of them. I hope there are no more. Sometimes, there are more, and will be born later. The early ultrasound only showed two.

Dateline: 6th June 2020. Between 7.10am and 10pm (I guess). Four little new kittens. Welcome to planet Earth, little ones!!

Names!!!!!!  I need gender-neutral names!  But I don’t think I can tell the three apart.

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