Minnie’s “five” kittens!

That’s her four newborns and Smurfy….haha.  Gotcha!

Minnie finally ate her lunch! Now, it’s nap time for everyone – mother and babies.

I managed to line the whole basket with blankets now.

Although she looked very heavy yesterday, I did not expect her to give birth this morning, so the basket wasn’t lined yet. It only had one towel and some cardboard. But it’s all lined now, with thick and soft blankets.

Minnie wasn’t at all defensive when I lined the basket. She let my hand come really close to her babies. I did not touch them, of course.

Meanwhile, Smurfy has to suddenly learn to live on his own. Poor little Smurfy. Instead of playing, he wants to go back into the condo, but the vet has advised that he should not be allowed to.

Even though the patio door is open and he is allowed into the house, he spent all afternoon sleeping on his scratching post.

He’s suddenly…grown up and very well-behaved!

Big brother Smurfy!!

I’m going to get four easy-to-roll-off-the-tongue names for the kittens. One is jetblack and three are blackish-grey (for now) but I think they will eventually have the same colour as Minnie and Smurfy. Wow, then it would be so hard to tell them apart!

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