More pictures of the newborns!

Taking care not to touch the kittens, I managed to take out the soiled cloth, cardboard and replace it with two fresh towels.

Minnie did not want to eat. She just wanted to let her kittens suckle. What a good mother!

The vet advised that Minnie should be offered twice the amount of food now.

Tabs visits.

We made a new “condo” with cardboard boxes yesterday. Smurfy would have to learn to live outside the condo now. He has Ginger’s cage and the new condo on top. He can also come into the house.

Smurfy’s appointment for his final vaccination is next week. After this, the vet will check when he can be neutered.

Today is 6/6 and also a full moon’s day (the 15th on the Chinese calendar). A good date.

But any day is a good day if we make it so.

I need four gender-neutral names!!  I had planned the names of great people in the music industry.

Andi / Andrea or Andy / Andre (Andrew Lloyd Webber and Andre Rieu)
Beverly or Barry (Barry Manilow)
Julie/ Julia or Julius (Julie Andrews)
Toni or Tony (Tony Bennett)
Ramin (Ramin Karimloo) – sounds gender-neutral enough?

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