Name change!

The name list right now is:

Rei – It’s a Japanese (female) name that means “lovely” and “the tinkling of jade” but it can also be “Ray” (male) and Rey is the name of the Star Wars heroine too. Gender-neutral.

Lynx – It’s the middle-sized wild cat and it is also a name of Ind0 European and Greek origin which means “light and brightness”. Gender-neutral.

Jun – It’s a Japanese name that means “obedience, purity and truth”.  In Chinese, it means “king, ruler”. In Korean, it means “talented, handsome”. Gender-neutral. This is also the month of June.

Kwin – Tweaked from “Quinn” which means “wisdom and intelligence”. Gender-neutral.

One syllable is still the best!

And who will get which name?

Maybe tomorrow….once we can tell them apart!

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