Names, names, names!!

It’s been a very interesting day of searching for names and we finally decided (as of now) to settle for one-syllable names.

All of current cats have shortened one-syllable names too: Cow, Buns, Pole, Cleo, Ins (for Indy), Tabs, Ginge, Heist (for Heidi), Mins (Minnie) and Smurf (Smurfy).

So, here are the proposed names for the four new kittens:

Rei – It’s a Japanese name that means “lovely” and “the tinkling of jade” but it can also be “Ray” and it’s the name of the Star Wars heroine too. Gender-neutral.

Lynx – It’s the middle-sized wild cat and it is also a name of Ind0 European and Greek origin which means “light and brightness”. Gender-neutral.

Juro – A Japanese name that means “longevity and best wishes” (it’s two-syllable, though). Gender-neutral.

Yuki – A Japanese name that means “happiness” (also two-syllables). Gender-neutral.

The above is subject to change…haha.

Latest photo.

Smurfy just became very grown-up today!

He has been so, so well-behaved.

We left the patio door totally open, but he didn’t dare come in until late evening. Then, he didn’t dare eat with the Kitchen Cats, so he ate back in the patio.

Now, he is in the single cage (supposed to be the maternity ward). Luckily there is a blue hanging basket there too.

We let him into the condo, but he wanted to go into the basket with Minnie and all the kittens, so we couldn’t let him do it.

He’ll just have to wait for a few more weeks until the kittens are stronger, bigger, then he will have FOUR siblings to play with!!

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