Pole’s eating news

After about 4 days of training Pole to eat RC renal wetfood, by yesterday, she was willing to eat it neat.

But once in a while, she still requires some enticement in the form of AD, Primal sprinkles or Cindy’s mousse. I alternate these to keep it interesting for her.

I would offer RC renal neat first. If I’m lucky, she eats it all up. If she leaves some behind, then only will the enticements be added on.

Also, since yesterday, Pole was able to eat a bigger volume each time, so this reduces the constant and frequent feeding. If previously, she could only eat one teaspoon of food, now she can be one tablespoon already.

There has been no vomiting so far. Fingers crossed!!

It’s good of you, Cleo, to let Pole use the bed too.

Eat, Pole, eat!

Pole finished her Methycobal (B12) yesterday (this was given when she suddenly could not move that one morning).

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