Minnie and her kittens

Here are some photos from early this morning.

Minnie eating her breakfast. Since she barely leaves her babies, even to drink water, I add water to her Coco&Joe’s and she licks it all up.

Smurfy and Minnie aren’t so fussy about food as long as it’s raw food. They eat Coco&Joe’s and Cubgrub. But they don’t eat kibble and Smurfy doesn’t even eat canned food. How smart is that, right? They have all their primal instincts intact.

I don’t know if I’m imagining it, but yesterday morning, the jetblack kitty was the smallest but by evening, he/she seems to have grown quite a bit.

There are two greys who “fight” for the nipple too.

I think “Kwin” (from Quinn) is out for the moment. The choice of names stands at Rei, Lynx, Jun, Rio/Ryo or Nim.

Rio means “river” in Spanish, Ryo is Japanese and it means “to exceed, survive and excel”.

Nim is from an ancient Swedish dialect and it means “wisdom”.

Meanwhile, Smurfy spent the night in the single cage. He will be let out all day today.

Ginger doesn’t mind Smurfy being in the patio, but he draws the line when Smurfy comes into the house. He’s been chasing Smurfy and spraying around the house to show his unhappiness.

Smurfy discovers the sandpit as well.