Treatment for Ginger and Cow (ends today!)

Ginger started having the flu (cough and cold) in February 2020. Along with him, Heidi, Tabs, Indy also had it and they too had one round of medication, but all three recovered.

Bunny had it as well, but he recovered on his own.

Ginger had problems recovering, and this is probably due to him being FIV+ (But so are Bunny and Cow). Maybe Ginger’s FIV+ is more severe.

Ginger went through many rounds of antibiotics, changing twice until finally, it was changed to Azithromycin. This worked, or maybe it’s just riding it out. The vet had said that in some cats, it could take as long as three months to ride it out and for the body to get rid of the virus.

A few days into Azithromycin and Ginger FINALLY stopped coughing. In between, he was also constantly nebulized (I bought the machine to do it), but he simply could not heal. He would be well, then it would relapse again and again.

Now, finally…..he has been cough-free for more than two weeks and he finishes his Azithromycin today.

Cow had a pawing problem and it turned out to be mouth ulcers. He has been on Metrogyl (Metronidazole) for 8 days and this evening would be the last dose. Cow is tolerant in letting me pill him the quarter tablet twice a day and apply the Afta Med gel twice a day (finished this yesterday) but he will not tolerate the curcumin capsule or the fish oil capsule. He strikes me on the latter – jaw and claws.  I also failed to brush his teeth, but he lets me rub Orozyme on his mouth daily (I have been doing this since he had his scaling last year). Since starting on the medication, he stopped pawing his mouth. He was also on Tramadol twice a day, but that finished a few days ago.

Within reason, Cow is reasonable, provided you play by his rules. Not yours.

So, two fewer cats to medicate daily. Pole still needs her daily medication and that’s for life. Bunny needs his Maximum Ophtal for his eyes (it’s an antioxidant supplement for his eyes and it does a marvelous job for him).

Actually, Indy has a mouth ulcer problem too, so he might benefit from the curcumin and fish oil. Indy lets me pill him.

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