Minnie, Smurfy and the kittens (“R” names)

Photo time!

Smurfy is quite happy in his “house”. This is now, temporarily, known as “Smurfy’s House”. It used to be Ginger’s sick bay.

This cage goes back to 9 years ago when Ginger first came to our house. He came and sat in this open cage to seek help for his injured paw. It was injured in a fight with Mr Quack and it was about to turn gangrenous by then. Luckily I brought him immediately to the vet and we managed to save his paw. His feeder had told me earlier that Ginger seemed to have injured his paw, but it was “nothing” and that it would heal on its own. Luckily Ginger was smart enough to come to ask for help.

So you see, street animals do get into serious medical problems too. That is why they need a caregiver. And this is why (again), we should keep our colony small and manageable. One medical problem can ring up thousands, if serious. Even Minnie’s hepatitis treatment and hospitalisation cost more than RM1k, but that’s totally on me as I chose to rescue her and look after her.

Okay, as far as the name game goes, I’ve decided to name the jet black one “Lynx” and the rest, who are all grey tabbies, shall have names starting with the letter “R”.

We have the following gender-neutral “R” names:
Rey (“royal”), Ryo (“to excel”), Riley (“brave”), Remi (“to support the world”), Robin (“bright”).

Choose three from the above!

Smurfy is still Smurfy!

Letting Smurfy visit.

I cannot leave him inside unsupervised because he keeps wanting to get into the basket with his siblings!

On the first day Smurfy was let out, he had to eat inside this “triangle” as Ginger was chasing him. Now, it’s a bit more settled. He eats inside his house, and he gets to roam around the house (I mean, our actual “house”).