Neutering aid for 3 cats in Subang (Teresa Chian Li Kim’s) & Updates

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM260 for the neutering of these 3 cats.

Updates on previous claims, dating back to 2009 are below. Teresa was our volunteer way back.

It’s been long time and I’m currently feeding a community of about 30 cats (abandoned) in an industrial area in Subang. 

I mentioned that they are abandoned because prior to MCO, they were fed by foreign workers in the restaurant and other people working in that area.

Now all the restaurants have closed except for two. These cats have no food source and the Mama cats (I counted 4) are reproducing like clockwork.

I think Neutering, feeding and caring for this community is better for them, in the long run.

My intention is to apply neutering aid for 5 – 7 cats who are friendly to human and willing to be touched by me. I am feeding 30 cats in the industrial area, not all are friendly, most will run when approached. Yes, I will feed and monitor the colony. 

I’m submitting these 3 cats first. They hang out regularly at a closed down stall in Subang.  
There are other cats in the community whom I intend to neuter but come out of their hiding place at different times of the day and I’m unable to locate them in the past few days. My plan is to neuter these 3 cats first, make sure they heal well and locate the other friendly cats within the area. 
Attached are photos of the cats. I have labeled them as Cat (a), Cat (b), Cat (c). 
As for my long term “care plan”, I will visit them 2-3 times a week to feed and check on their well-being. The food stall makcik(s) and several young man who works there feeds them several times a day, on a daily basis. I often go and have a conversation with them to understand what is happening in the cat colony. 

Previous claims:

Sept 3, 2018 Joya (dog) & Lunar (cat)
Joya has been rehomed to a family of 4 living in Ampang Hilir area. I have met the family in their home. Lunar has been rehomed to a Malay family living in Kampung Pandan area. I have met the mom and young daughter (who will learn to be the main caretaker)Sept 12, 2018 Mandu (cat)
Mandu has been rehomed together with her 2 kittens to a family living in Hampshire Place, KL.
June 4, 2018 Ume (cat)
Ume has been rehomed to a single working lady living in an apartment in Kelana Jaya. Ume has been renamed Dusty Lemon and is famous on instagram now.
August 23, 2013 Bella (dog)

Bella has been rehomed to my neighbour in OKR. She lives with another dog and one cat. She is still called Bella and a very fat dog now.

July 12, 2012 No name cat in Giant Bandar Kinrara
This cat is being looked after by security guards and staff in Giant.

May 21, 2012 Lotus (dog)
Lotus has been rehomed to a young Malay man who loves dogs and lives in a corner lot house in Damansara Jaya. He is affectionate to his owner and guards the house fiercely. Has been renamed Jagger.
December 13, 2011 Stroby (dog)
Stroby has been rehomed to a family 5 living in Sungei Way. She is a very fluffy dog now and goes to grooming saloon every 2 months or so. She is still called Stroby and has a white male cat companion chilling with him on the porch every day.
The following 4 cases came from people who requested my help as an AnimalCare volunteer in OKR. I have not met the animals or human prior to them contacting me. I am not in contact with them anymore, hence I am unable to update you on their health status.
July 21, 2011 PJ Old Town Cat
Nov 6, 2009 Ah Meng’s dog
Oct 22, 2009 Adam’s 4 dogs
Oct 11, 2009 Adam’s 7 dogs
Sept 25, 2009 Back alley 4 cats and 1 dog
These cats lived in the back alley of my old house. A kind neighbour feeds them daily and I interact with them daily. By now, the colony has changed. Mimi and Kit Kat were chased and mauled by dogs, Ah Bui and Fei Fei have gone missing. Female dog, Minnie has moved to Jalan Puchong factory with her original owner/care taker. I am no longer staying in OKR but my neighbour is still feeding the stray cats in the back alley. We stay in touch quite often and I help bring cats to the Vet whenever they need medical care. 

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