Pole’s blended RC renal food

Pole doesn’t like the soft pellets of the RC renal food, so I have been using a spoon to mash it up for her, but it’s still not fine enough. Hill’s KD is totally blended but she refuses to eat Hill’s.

Sometimes, when lucky, I get to make her eat 100% renal food, but often, I have to add in enticements which ranges from Primal sprinkles to Cindy’s mousse or AD. I know I should not add in anything else, but sometimes she simply refuses to eat and by just adding in something, she finishes the food. There’s also her gastritis to think of and she cannot NOT eat.

Yesterday, I decided to blend the RC pellets.

Using my Tupperware mini chopper.

It works! But not totally fine, though, still a big grainy.

But it helps A LOT!

Pole can eat more this way and she doesn’t have to ask for food every half hour. She gets to take naps in between feeds.

I can only hope that the renal food will bring her creatinine level down. If it still cannot, there is nothing else we can do. I’ve already increased her subcut fluids to 180ml daily, as suggested by the vet. Pole has a heart problem so she cannot take in so much fluids. But her weight was almost 3kg the last time, so 180ml is fine.

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