And Minnie finally eats!

Not voraciously, but at least she is willing to eat now.

I tried with Catmandoo, but that did not work for Minnie. She wasn’t interested at all in it.

What worked for Minnie was to squirt a little Nutriplus Gel into her Coco&Joe’s and to my utter relief, she ate up about 4 spoonfuls in all.

This is still FAR from the volume she is supposed to eat, but it’s a good start.

This is also a miracle, perhaps a bigger miracle!

The first round, she ate by herself but the second round, I had to offer it by holding the bowl up for her.

Third and fourth rounds too – I had to hold the bowl up before she would eat.

But in between eating, she was still fussing over the kittens and licking them.

This is Minnie’s miracle for tonight.

I hope her appetite returns tomorrow.