Minnie, Lynx and the 3R’s (Day 4)

All four kittens look alright and appear to be growing in size. They do look chubby too. But Minnie started going off food yesterday. Today, she barely ate; just licked her food.  I’ve varied the food too. She doesn’t want Coco&Joe’s, but was willing to lick half a can of Cindy’s mousse. She didn’t even want AD.

So of course I got worried and I texted the vet. The vet said I could bring the whole family to the clinic tomorrow for a check-up to see if Minnie has any infection or any fever.

Minnie appears to be fine, her eyes are very bright and she is actively going up and down the condo too. On Day 3, she already left the kittens in the basket and had some time to herself on one of the platforms, but only for a few minutes each time. She attends to her kittens very devotedly.

There is this link that offers suggestions on such a predicament: http://www.cat-pregnancy-report.com/mother-cat-not-eating-after-giving-birth.html

Minnie eat heartily on Day 1 – lots, too. Then, it was just normal appetite on Day 2. By Day 3, her appetite dwindled and today, being Day 4, she ate very little. I gave her B Complex this morning and have given her Nutriplus Gel twice today which she happily licked up from my finger.

Hopefully, her appetite will be back to normal tomorrow. Otherwise, we will have to make the trip to the vet’s.

Some photos from today:

We’ve wheeled the condo into the house now, for a change of environment.

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